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Immagine camicia cucita a mano


In 1963 Nino Cristiani, after graduating from school, began his career as an apprentice alongside a famous Italian shirt maker. He was directly responsible for the development of the collections.
After learning his trade, in 1971 he decided to create and launch a line of shirts on the market nationally and internationally. He thus created “Camiceria Crisdib’. With work and passion for fashion, sets his project: producing a high quality tailored jacket.

In 1998 the old company, gave way to CRISTIAN TEX SRL, developed on an area of 5,000 square metres, where Mr. Nino Cristiani is helped by his three sons Giuliano, Antonio and Massimiliano. Research, innovation, Italian taste, passion for the selection and attention to detail, have made "Cristiani Camicie Sartoriali" appreciated Italy and all over the world.


It is the fabrics and details that make a shirt, an excellent shirt:
the fabrics of the best textures, first choice materials, strict selection and quality control. We use fabrics and simple and double plied yarn and the line of each shirt controlled by qualified and skilled operators. All collections are created and designed by Italian designers, and this means that even the classic models, while maintaining their traditional elegance, are updated every season thus anticipating market trends.


A product that comes from the wise blend of state of the art technology and inherited craftsmanship. The complete business management, allows all the stages of the production process to be monitored. Finding a constantly updated design is the prerogative of the dynamic design staff. An efficient customer service which considers market needs its main priority. Thanks to the synergy of these elements, the Cristiani group can boast a presence in the most important companies in the sector.