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From the culture, tradition and passion for fashion, comes an exclusively tailored product, made with great attention to detail, with a careful choice of fabrics and an exclusive cut that only the Puglian shirt making culture can express. For demanding customers, who pay close attention to quality and state of the art trends and style.

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  • Internal collar not fused.
  • Attachment of collar to the fabric body, applied entirely by hand both internally and externally.
  • Construction of the interior with natural materials to increase the duration and provide comfort, respecting the right softness.
  • The tips of the collar are trimmed by hand, the notch allows collars with perfect tips to be obtained.
  • Soft removable battens enable modelling of the collar according to the silhouette of the wearer.
  • 10 stitches per cm seam.
  • Tip of the sleeve guards perfectly aligned with the pattern of the fabric.
  • Buttons made of precious materials such as mother-of-pearl worked by expert hands, which enhances the value of the shirt.
  • tailored pleats on shoulder, sleeve turn ups and cuffs for a clear sign of distinction.
  • Body and sleeves closed and attached in two parts (a closed bust), as dictated by standards of haute couture giving the product a greater wearability in terms of movement.
  • Cuffs without reinforcement, hand sewn and upturned with blind stitches that give a high standard of quality.
  • Side seams closed with hand stitched reinforcing "embroidered mouche" to reinforce the back.
  • Central crease in the external side that gives the garment a modern aesthetic appearance.
  • Badge with coat of arms guaranteeing the exclusive Italian made processing, as applied to the lapel facing.
  • The ‘OTHER SIDE’ brand name distinguishes the CASUAL-WASHED look of the collection with the same hand sewn tailored features.
  • Finally, a choice of the best Italian fabric manufacturers with a wide variety of reinforcement and with the most valuable spinning available today.