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Company name: Cristiantex.s.r.l.
Headquarters: Via Barletta Strada Privata, 353/A – 70031ANDRIA (BA), Italy
Telefono: +39 0883 592059 - Fax +39 0883 591072
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Cristiantex s.r.l. is the owner of this web site.
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Information in compliance with the law on privacy (L. 196/2003)
Cristiantex s.r.l., in compliance with Italian law no. 196/2003, informs its customers that the use of the personal data they provide when placing an order and/or filling out the invoice information does not require authorization, as this information is collected and held solely to comply with fiscal/tax requirements, European community regulations and standards and, in any case, only to ensure that the company can correctly fulfill contractual commitments deriving from the purchase and/or to acquire the necessary contractual information, again solely implemented upon customer request.
In particular,Cristiantex s.r.l.specifies that the personal data provided by its customers shall not be used for marketing information or to send advertising materials or for market research or interactive marketing communications without the Customer’s consent.
Personal data are handled by:
Headquarters: Via Barletta Strada Privata, 353/A – 70031ANDRIA (BA), Italy
Telefono: +39 0883 592059 - Fax +39 0883 591072

Tailoring takes approximately 20/25 days, to which the shipping time must be added.
These times are only indicative and start from the moment the order and payment have been sent.
The times and shipping costs vary according to the type of shipment selected. With our postal service the shipping time is approximately 7-10 days; if you request shipment by express courier it takes from 1 to 3 days.
We advise you to carefully check the characteristics of the item selected and the address where you want the package shipped. In case of error, you will be charged for the correction and new shipment.
Cristiantex s.r.l. pledges to work with utmost care and speed in sending out the orders. In any case, it cannot be held liable for delays due to the courier or the mail.
The express courier and the postal service may require signature at the time the goods are delivered and may not make delivery weekends.

Cristiantex s.r.l. shall not use its customers’ data or transfer them to others in any way. Such data shall only be used to expedite orders, make shipment and proceed with billing, if requested.
After you have made an initial purchase, if you give your authorization, you may be sent offers and seasonal deals related to the company production. If you do not wish to receive such communication, just send an e-mail message to and your name will be deleted from the mailing list.
The Cristiantex s.r.l. data processing system has been designed to ensure utmost security and simplicity in making purchases; for security reasons, some parts of the system may be modified to increase operating functionality and improve service.